Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Beginnings 2008!!

Wat's up y'all..

Like wat's really good!...

Happy, Happy, New year.

I'm embarassed to say, that I forgot my login information. That is why I haven't updated my blog in so long and when I find it, I realise how long it's been. I'm like are you serious?

That is the reason, y'all haven't heard from me, pele dears. And no one should front too, it's not like it's been jumping in blogsville anyways. People let's get it together, let's do this in 08..

So how is everyone doing ?, How was your holiday? by that I mean those of you that has been participating in blogville.

I've been well, percolating and anticipating all the good things that life has to offer me in 2008.

I was richly blessed in the year 2007, but I know the goodies in 2008 will wow me!

But in all, big things are popping and little things will step in this new year. No foolishness of any kind, no ignorance or sheisty individuals. I'm done with fakers and haters.

Just gonna get my grown woman on.

So onto the big things going on this new year, have you checked out : recently, I tell you we had the most fabulous photoshoot ever, check out all hot guys and georgous Amber, well dressed, all cropped and ish, looking hella sexy.
I'm just saying, I get a lot of satisfaction from what I do, I put all my all in it. I intend to get this company out there where it should be.
Somebody tell Mariah Carey to give me a call, tell that girl she has the body of a Goddess and I can style/dress her like one. A chick with her kind of money and body, pushing 40 deserves someone on her side, setting her on a pedestal.

Why is she always dressed like some confused teenager or always walking around half naked, I don't get women at times, take my girl Halle, just cos of her a lot of heifers are trying to get pregnant. Even the so- called menopausal ones. Chick has this game locked down. She put class back on the map in Hollywood, flawless. With the likes of Britany Spears and Paris Hilton, I gave up a while back.
But just holla at your girl, let me know's good or hood or whichever way you roll.
Peace out and I will be blogging a lot more often. Trust me..