Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Haute Fashion Magazine launch and My male models...

Hey y'all... How go dey go?

My life has been crazy busy, since the website went up it's been a lot of work and all, but that's alright, I got into this business to work.

So I dressed four high maintainance models with the prototypes of the high end men's line I intend to debut next year on the linany couture label..Boy was I glad.. We ended up doing the runway at the Haute fashion magazine launch on the roof deck in New York. Pictures are not the best please pardon me, there'll be better ones later..

I was surrounded by hotness but that is not the issue, the issue was getting chicks off my models at the end of the night, one of them is below 21 and I promised his father I'll deliver his son to him safely after the show, So I was the designated driver to 3 grown ass men, in all it was not the easiest task.

You should have seen how shameless some of these girls were, grabbing at them, sreaming "take it off" when they hit the runway,like it was a strip club. In short I became officially embarassed for women that day.

But it was all good though, I am glad people still appreciate good things. My boys are good kids and they get the job done.. The girls who model for my ladies couture line now, that's a different story. I have never seen an obnoxious, self consciuos bunch like those ones, but they are beautiful and very professional when they want to..

I am dressing the founder of "fashion inde", a beautiful South African sister who is has taken over the New York fashion media scene for the launch of the Fashion inde magazine. I will take my female models these time in Ankara couture..pictures will follow..bettere ones too..

Y'all keep praying for me oohh. Well I'm working really hard to debut my line of High end men's wear early next year. The womens ankara couture is ready, but made to order exclusively. The accesories line will come out by the end of this year, and two boutiques will be up and running by december.I will keep y'all in the loop.. That's moi by the way, trying to keep my boys in check.

It's still 2 cents y'all.. Holla @ ur girl..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Linany couture website and all the good stuff!!!

What's up y'all.. I thank everyone who shouted me out on my birthday. That was real special for so many reasons.

I had a blast, I went out everyday of the weekend, which is unacceptable right now cause of my tight schedule, got delivery of a dozen fresh roses and fabulous gifts. Highlight though was when my 5 yrs old said" Happy Birthday mummy, I'll buy you a brand new mercedez with a plate that says '1,2,3 this is my mummy's car"!!. lol! I told him to give me the date of delivery for security reasons, I don't care when he gives it to me, as long as I get it. You can't go making these kind of promises, I don't care how old you are..

But back to the lovely, I would like to debut my company website on this blog, I have to confess I started blogging because of my business, but the "aproko" part of me started My 2 cents". I don't regret it though. it's been a blast, I have met wonderful people, Bobby Taylor, this one's for you ma, Ugo Daniels, you my friend are a man amongst men! I must to find you wife! Sebah Tubman..my sister, your little nephew is still asking after you. I love you guys for real! I appreciate all the love and prayers. The good lord will replenish y'all and light your paths.. it's all love though, we're doing this till the lights go off which aint soon..

I promised freebies to bloggers when I started this and it still holds, you guys keep me going.. I thank y'all and no worry we ar doing it real bigggg....Without further ado, please enter with me to......


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm a big kid now!!! Ageless as ever though!!

" Go shawty, it's your birthday, we gonna
party like it's ur birthday, we gonna sip barcadi like it's your birthday"...

Go figure the rest, love me some fiddy though..

Yes y'all I've skipped if you know what I'm talking about. it's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to, one cause I'm all emotional and two cos I have something in my eye lol!

Aint nothing going on but the rent or mortgage in this case,Aside from all the pressure at work, starting and running my own company which I love to bits, cos I 'm doing what I love to do best SHOP!!!

Okay enough about me and back to me again, I have a guy flying into town just to take me out to dinner for my birthday, made reservations in a posh restaurant straight out the zagat survey, your girl don't play! Problem is I'm not feeling dude.Met him at a wedding two years ago, he's been checking for me ever since. Me thinks he's working harder at his game, I just don't want to end the day feeling like I shoulda had a V8.

Got another date, same day different time. A desert only bourgoise lounge. Friend of mine trying to promote himself to boyfie status for the past 5 yrs and won't give up, problem is I'm not that into him too. Another dude, lives in Naija begging to come down for my birthday, friends think he's about to propose, I think he's up to something sneaky, when a guy is too nice and almost a pushover, it's a complete turn off for me. Ofcourse my mother thinks I need deliverance if I don't come home in december to marry dude.

Ever heard the phrase, "wanti wanti no getti getti, getti getti no wanti wanti lol! Heard it from my aunt, funny and ish but very true. Kind of my situation here, doesn't it surprise you that at that very time you are trying to make up your mind about love all sorts and I mean all sorts come your way. I have the head security at my job checking for me!! Can you believe that mess, none of the brokers or MDs asked a sista out, it has to be this goat, talk about:

"Can I holla at you sometime, maybe take you to the theatre or museum, you know whatever you educated ladies do, I look better out of uniform too"

Yeah right Muthaf**ka, I'll hold my breath.

For the purpose of my birthday we'll skip the gory details and concentrate on the lovely. I'm not checking for all these guys not cause there' s something wrong with them, far from it. Believe me when I saw the financial holdings of one of these men, even I wanted to slap myself over the head. But I'll rather smoke garri while I stare into my lover's eyes than feast on filet mignon and be unhappy.
I am dreading the call from my mum, she calls on every birhtday to wish me a happy birthday and go on about how my biological clock is 'stuck' meaning it can't tick anymore cause the batteries died. That my mama sef!, let her leave me abeg, she's been married and madly in love with my dad for 35 years, I wanna be married that long too.

Moving onto good things, I'll debut my company website really soon, I can tell you it is FABULOUS already...I thank God for so much cause I don't know how I do it, I just do it!!

For everyone who took time to shout me out, call and send their love I thank you all, I expect the gifts cos I am registered at jimmy shoes, valentino and Nordstrum. I'm riding till I turn 106 like Brooke Astor in cultured pearls and 5 Inch MANOLO BLAHNIK!!!


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Do not alter your destiny!

Whatever you desire in this lifetime is entirely at your disposal.Our steps are ordained even before we were born, yet as humans we decide on our own accord to change our destiny and our lives.
Monique the comedian did a documentary on Oxygen the other day at a women's maximum penitentiary, that was troubling to say the least. She interviewed some inmates and what was mind boggling is what most of them did to end up behind bars. Their jail terms ranged from life to 6 months. But one particular young lady stood out for me, she was all of 20 yrs old and had 147 yrs to life, She committed multiple murders and will rot in jail. What did she do? She took the lives of people who ridiculed and mocked her, her reason? She comes from a tumultous family background. She cried out for help when she was troubled but none came.

A few of the ladies killed their husbands, fathers, boyfriends for abuse or domestic violence. I always say a man who hits you "can and will kill you"!!. Granted, that is not enough reasons to kill anyone, there are precautions to be taken that were probably ignored.
A violent and abusive relationship is a waste of anyone's lifetime and that of the children who become scarred from it.
Women alter their destiny everyday, even by the most inconsequential decisions we make that come back to bite us in the ass! We keep friends and relationships that drag us back by decades. If there is nothing progressive about that individual please get it together and bounce.

* if all your girlfriends do is hop around the world collecting and swapping sugar daddies, please change your digits.
*if the people around you, which includes family participates in fraud of any kind, you could go down as an accesory.
I say this to say that, I cried while watching this documentary on Oxygen. Mostly because some of these women were banished for life because of crimes of passion or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In one case, a mother and daughter were in jail for peddling drugs to feed their kids.
I cried because we are all one bad decision away from being locked up. Take for instance, these harmless split second decisions:
* An abusive boyfriend put his hands on you and you swore that's the very last time it'll go down , so you retaliate and whack him upside the head with a pot of hot grits. Well he drops dead!
*A friend invites you out on a shopping expedition, you go to pick up a few accesories from Fendi, and she happens to be using her boyfriend's credit card which happens to belong to Mr Jim Thorton of Copell Texas by way of credit card fraud. You are rounded up by the authorities, dipped in silver handcuffs on your way downtown to get booked.
*What about that boyfriend that's "ballin and bout it".. he's laced in bling and takes good care of you. So he leaves a package at your house after a night of loving. You get a bang on your door at 4 a.m, it's the DEA and FBI. They're looking for your man,he's not there but a search of your apartment turns up drugs. How do you explain that while you go to jail for your ignorance.

I could go on and on, let's just keep our heads clear on daily decision making. Women are the salt of the earth, if we do not participate in the revolution because we are populating state prisons and juvenile homes, then it will happen without us. That will be too bad cause we know the menfolk can't function without us!!