Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hands down! Italians are the best dressed people in the world.. My trip to Milan..

What's up y'all!!. I know! I know I have no explanations for being missing in action but I've actually been away in Milan, preparing for a photoshoot for my company promos. I tell you running a business is not easy, I want to give a shoutout to anyone who has been able to do that and hold it down cos it's tough.

Well on to the good stuff, I was in Milan all of last week, just got back so with that I greet y'all with a "ciao', and va bene' (which means what's up, or howdy or hello and the other means very good I hope).

I fell in love again with that place but most importantly because I could stand in the middle of Central Milano and gawk at well dressed people all day. Beautiful people, groomed and well put together. Fashion for an italian is a priority, he might not have a home to go to, or ride a bicycle instead of a car (which they actually prefer). But they must, and I repeat must have in- season coats, boots, man bags/briefcase and trenches for the men, and the women, DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON ITALIAN WOMEN! They are a riot...
Case in point, I saw an 86 yrs old woman rocking a Bulgari shades and Burberry trench and this chick was styling effortlessly.

I was also in Sirmeone, Bergamo, Brescia, Mantova, Leone and Carpenedolo. I moved around a lot and had to keep up with a few appointments and business meetings, but its still all good in the neighborhood. I’m back now and I hope y'all are doing okay. Still jetlagged but back to work and looking forward to the photo shoot I am directing for Linany Couture. I will put up more pictures of my trip, until then holla at a sista.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Please pray for my friend....

Hey y'all. I haven't left blogville not at, all just missing in action. Away visiting with one of my closest friends Ms Lyle Dorsey aka -La Consuelos Leilei. My friend Lyle is HIV positive and very ill at the moment. I needed to go spend time with him cause he was dealing with so much and wasn't sure how much longer he had to live. Before I proceed, let me tell you all a little about my friend.
They say every fashionista has a gay moose, well mine is my dear friend Lyle. He is my biggest critique and adviser. Lyle used to be one of the best hair dressers/make up artist you could ever meet in the Northeast, my girl will have you looking like a diva in a minute.
He is also one person who can put you straight, tell it like it is.. Case in point: I just flew into Dallas, where he currently relocated to since he got ill to be near family, rented a car and, checked into a hotel and proceeded to go see him..getting to his apartment I knocked and he rushed out to meet me. first words out of him mouth:
Lyle: Bitch! Where are your bags, tell me they're in the car!!
Me: I'm glad to see you too, they are in the hotel room.
Lyle: Hotel! You bourgeois bithes kill me, I'm out here fixing your ass a room and you got a hotel, I should slap you in the mouth, scrawny, half dead motherfucker.. You look good, a few extra pounds but you alright by that Balenciaga?.. I hate your ass, come here girl, oh I've missed your bourgeios ass...
That's my friend. We had a lot fun the few days I spent there, he's much better though, still stressed and distressed but he danced and sang for me,mixed me a tape of love songs, we went shopping and got pedicures were he proceeded to curse the Chinese lady out and accuse me being prejudiced against other races right infront of the lady.
I had to leave and head back to New York and he just sat there crying. I have never seen my girl cry but he did and guess the words out of his mouth right after the "crocodile tears"
Lyle: What are using on your face (I'd been breaking out over stress)
Me: Lancome why?
Lyle: You need to get a refund honey, on a scale of 1-10 right now booboo, your face is a 6 and that is not good enough, you need to get into the beauty supply store and get you some ambi, it's all but $2. You need to quit hanging around dem white people with their products.. it aint for you booboo, you're black!! And oh yeah, you been real grouchy since you got here.. I suggest you let someone play around in that "monkey" catch a tail or something. You too young to be this uptight.
Me: Thanks lyle, you are a real inspiration.
Lyle: Bitch! I tell like it is, aint no way around the truth.
He asked me almost every half hour while I was with him to to pray for him, and I do, I really do. I just hate the fact that it's gonna end like this for him. He chose this lifestlye and lived it roughly I must say- He was a Serial dater, a complete flirt and charmer. You can tell from the before and after pictures that he has lost a lot of weight, but he still retains his fabulous personality and run way walk.
Please pray for Lyle, HIV/Aids is real and can happen to anyone.