Thursday, September 27, 2007

What happened to Blogville..

What's up y'all. it's been way quiet and a little too quiet in Blogville, where's all the love. Tell me where did it go!!!. I've been pretty busy myself, Getting ready to hit Lagos for xmas for the first time in 10 years. Yes y'all, I haven't spent Xmas in Nigeria in 10 years and I am just so psyched about it. Technically, I'll be working but I'll still be around family and friends, so we'll see how it works out. I hit y'all up with a few more dresses and style Icons, I'm inspired by a lot of people and dresses, maybe I'm getting intouch with my feminine side or inspiration. Oh well, so bloggers, let's meet in Lagos, check on it.. it should be fun.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


The emmys are my favorite awards for so many reasons. Haute couture is in display and stylists outdo themselves. I picked these dresses, because of the color displays and the fitting in it's entirety. what do you guys think?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meme from "Moni

Accent: Eastcoast swang, but I speak Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa fluently, so I can flip any accent..
Booze: Don't drink, gets to me and I don't like anything controlling me..
Chore I Hate: washing dishes, my least favorite chore
Dogs/Cats: None, irks my allergies....
Essential electronics: Ipod, blackberry, notebook, camera....
Favourite Perfume: Absolut' by valentino
Gold/Silver: Both
Hometown: Ozara, Imo state
Insomnia: Yes everytime!
Job title: Day husle: Fixed income risk analyst, side but most important hustle: Designer/stylist
Kids: 1 for now and hopefully 3 more!
Living arrangements: Pretty comfortable 3 bedroom, one family house…
Most admired trait: Very hardworking, go getter!
Number of sexual partners: For wetin now?
Overnight hospital stays: Numerous, had really bad asthma growing up.
Phobia: Please don't judge me, short people...
Quote: “As you see me so, I no send you oh! But dat one no mean say I no dey wish you well oh!
Religion: Christianity
Siblings: 7, 3 sis, 3 bros
Time I usually awake: Depends weekdays 7 a.m weekends as late as 5 p.m
Unusual talent: Multi, Multi tasking, like seriously I can do 20 things at d same time and deliver…
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Can’t think of any..
Worst habit: Smoking…
X-rays: Last year after an automobile accident!
Yummy foods I make: Numerous
Zodiac sign: Leo Baby!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

These celeb's stylist did their homework!!

I watched the foolishness called the VMAs on sunday, I was actually supposed to be in VEGAS for the show courtesy of a dear friend, but cancelled cause I was indisposed and I'm sure glad I did.. A lot celebs turned up aight.. while the rest were just blaaahh...I always say get a stylist and it's not because I'm one. In all the hurry, you can make a poor choice that can honestly haunt you for a long time to come. Meanwhile a stylist has all your stats and has days to plan and shop to give you a total transformation for the big day. I'm big on "less is more" it doesn't have to be too much to be a whole lot. And as for Britney spears, I have one word" that child needs Jesus"!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Linany Couture press release

August 30, 2007
Contact: Bobby Taylor
Phone: 204-221-4014


LINANY COUTURE: “Image is everything.”

Image is everything! Nigerian born Brooklyn fashion stylist Linda Anyaegbu, lives by that statement.

It came as no surprise when she emerged with her very brainchild LINANY COUTURE.

Linany couture is a consortium of boutiques, fashion stylists and designers, carrying modern, tailored and ready to wear apparels & accessories, putting a good amount of energy and perfection towards creating the perfect image.

Linany Couture provides shopping and styling services for various things such as Music Video sets, Movie Production sets, Red Carpet Events, Weddings etc.

This stylist to the stars holds nothing back when it comes to fashion.

Some of the services offered by this stylist powerhouse include Individual Profile, Personal Consultation, Shopping and Styling services etc.

Founder and CEO Linda Anyaegbu presents an in depth analysis, appreciation, passion and understanding of current trends, celebrity style and everything fashion.

When asked why she decided to become a stylist, “I love to make people look and feel great. I love to transform the everyday person into a star, working with their budget and preferences. It is my passion and my clients stand out.”

Linany Couture was featured at the HauTe Magazine Launching in New York City. And also to hit the runways in various upcoming fashion shows and events.

Linda is off to a great new start this year with the launch of the Linany Couture line of clothing and accessories, and the opening of two boutiques in Nigeria and in New York City. Please refer to the website for launch dates.

For more information & news on Linany Couture, please visit its newly launched innovative and informative website at

For More information or a personal consultation, please contact Linany Couture at

For Information on Media and Press matters please contact Bobby Taylor Consulting at

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Casting for female models and Valentino steps down.

My fashion Idol after Karl lagerfield of Chanel of course, Valentino Gravani 75, has stepped down from Valentino fashion group after 45 years.

He will leave Valentino in January of 2008 after designing one line of Couture collection and one more ready to wear line.

London based Permira advisers LLP, Europe's largest private-equity firm is scheduled to conclude it's 2.6 billion euro ($3.5 billion) offer for Valentino fashion group, which also includes Hugo Boss AG, this week( A two for one deal, I say). The designers departure may mean the company will place greater emphasis on the more profitable products such as accesories than on couture under Permira's ownership.

" I would like to leave the party when it's still full", Valentino said in an email statement, referring to the 3 days of festivities held to celebrate his 45th anniversary with guests including Jackie collins, Sienna miller, Mick Jagger and Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Former Gucci designer Alessandra Facchinettti is expected to be asked to create styles for the label after she was seen entering and leaving the company's offices in Milan and Rome.

The Rome based fashion house, Valentino SPA, had 2006 sales of 240 million euros and operates 58 stores directly. it is roughly one-sixth the size of Armani and about nine times smaller than Gucci in terms of sales.

Now to other news, I fired all my female models over the weekend. Actually, the ringleader L caused their demise. I am one of the easiest people to work with, but I am most importantly a business woman and time for me is money.

If I make plans to put your behind on my label and organise clothes for a show or events,please make yourself available. I do not care what beef you have with your boyfriend and why both of you should be in the same show, so no other females hits on him..heifer please!! Your little boyfriend is not that fine...

So I had to let all four of them go, one because the rest of them take instructions from this ringleader and two, I was just tired of the foolishness.

I want to patronise my people and do a lot of ethnic marketing but you have got to be kidding me about our tardy attitudes and lack of discipline in business. if we have a meeting at 5 p.m. Please drag your tired behind there by 4.56 atleast.
That is why white people are progressive, atlease most of them, they are on time!!!..

I will be placing an ad in the papers for a casting call for models, who will be on our label and work for various designers we intend to do work with.
If anyone knows of any models or anyone with potentials, I'm in a forum with designers from project runway and various styists and models on friday so opporunity calls everytime. This business is not easy, but we have to keep keeping on and pushing for the best. Later y'all..

2 cents out.